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Production process: thread sewing stainless steel ring mouth


Product Description:
Stainless steel filter bag is made of non-deformable stainless steel spun wire SUS201, SUS304 or SUS316, etc. It is woven into a mesh according to the specified specifications and becomes a monofilament mesh after heat setting. It has high strength and will not be deformed by the change of pressure. The monofilament weave constitutes a smooth surface that is easy to clean and can be used repeatedly.


Optional specification size
01: Φ7×17 inches
02: Φ7×32 inches
03: Φ4×9 inches
04: Φ4×15 inches
05: Φ6×20 inches

Selectable accuracy (μm)

Technical parameters
Maximum differential pressure: 2.5 bar
Recommended replacement differential pressure: ≈ 0.8 to 1.5 bar
Maximum operating temperature
Stainless steel: < 260 °C

Recommended flow rate:
02: 40 m3/h
03: 6 m3/h
04:12 m3/h 

Application industry
Plating / Paint / Ink / Coating / Food / Chemical / Grain and oil / Various chemical solutions, can be used repeatedly


  • -Produced by high speed industrial sewing machine without silicone oil cooling, no silicone oil pollution problem;
    -No side leakage caused by high protrusions at the bag opening stitching;
    -The product labels on the filter bags are all chosen in a way that is easy to remove, preventing contamination of the filtrate by the labels during the use of the filter bags;
    -Filtration accuracy range from 60 mesh to 500 mesh, with materials of SUS201, SUS304 or SUS316;

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