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Shanghai Fulwin & Andrew

Shanghai Fulwin Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Quanying Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. After years of development, it has become an environmental protection filtration technology enterprise integrating development, production and sales. The company currently has 2 bases, with the Shanghai factory as the research and development base, responsible for the development and small tests of all new products, and the Anhui factory as the mass production base, producing various liquids, dust removal and filtration products and related accessories. Acting as an agent to sell liquid filter bags of Andrew (Andrew) Company in the United Kingdom.


As a manufacturer engaged in environmental protection, with advanced dust removal technology and high-quality products, we directly participate in the technological development, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of environmental protection dust removal equipment and systems, and provide full service for users. Building materials, chemical machinery, light industry, medicine and other industries provide various environmental protection equipment and supporting various filter bags.

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Andrew Industries Limited

Founded in 1894, Andrew Industries Limited is headquartered in UK with branches and factories in Europe, Asia and North America. After more than 100 years of continuous exploration and development, Andrew Industries Limited has become a global leader in the manufacture and supply of technical industrial non-woven products, also manufactures and operates three different types of industrial textile felt worldwide. The group consists of  three divisions: Industrial Materials, Building Manufacturing Partnerships (BMP) and Laundry Products.

In 1960,the current chairman, Edward Andrew led the diversified reform in the group with a key milestone of the establishment of the Industrial Materials division which produced highly engineered needle felt for the industrial fitration market. The Industrial Materials division is the world's leading supplier of dust filter for pollution control devices. The division continuously invests in the most advanced equipment and technology while being staffed with a highly motivated team of international textile technologists who lead the field in providing innovative and relevant solutions for ever-changing and challenging filtration applications.

In 2016,due to the group's planning and focus shift to the research and development of high-performance hydro-entangled felt. In order to upgrade the technology of technical industrial non-woven felt, the group invested $20 million in the American subsidiary-Bondex Inc., a proud member of the Industrial Materials Division, to build the world's leading industrial hydro-entangled felt production line, and formally commercialized in 2016.


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