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Production process: hot fusion welding

PP:polypropylene needle felt
PE:Polyester Needled Felt

Product Description:
Full hot melt filter bag adopts three-dimensional three-dimensional deep structure and heat-soluble seamless combination technology to ensure filtration efficiency and no leakage: suitable for low and medium viscosity liquid filtration environment, with stable higher filtration flow rate, can effectively intercept a variety of soft and hard impurities.

Product Features

-Different sealing ring mouths are available, suitable for various filters
-All hot melt process to ensure no side leakage
-The material does not contain silicone and other additives to avoid chemical leaching
-Special heat treatment process on the surface of the filter material to eliminate fiber shedding
-Food grade filtration requirements can be met


  • Available sizes
    01: Φ7×17 inch
    02: Φ7×32 inches
    03: Φ4×9 inches
    04: Φ4×15 inches
    05: Φ6×20 inches

    Selectable accuracy (μm)

    Technical parameters
    Maximum differential pressure: 2.5bar
    Recommended replacement differential pressure: ≈0.8 to 1.5 bar
    Maximum operating temperature
    Polypropylene: < 90 °C
    Polyester: < 140 °C
    Recommended flow rate:
    01:20 m3/h
    02:40 m3/h
    03: 6 m3/h
    04: 12 m3/h
    05:20 m3/h

    Application industry
    Automotive painting systems / Electrophoresis paint, electroplating fluid filtration / Lubricants, hydraulic oil / Chemicals / Inks / Edible oils, juices / Water

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