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Product name: High efficiency filter bag

Production process: hot melt polypropylene sealed ring mouth/wire stitch stainless steel ring mouth

Material: meltblown polypropylene, needle-punched felt

Product Description:
High-precision filter bags are made of meltblown polypropylene. High precision, ultra-fine polypropylene fiber adsorption surface is large, can effectively remove the oil in the aqueous solution. High filtration efficiency, oil absorption and wide application.


Available sizes
01: Φ7×17 inch
02: Φ7×32 inch


Selectable precision (μm)
0.2, 0.5, 0.8, 1, 5, 10, 25 

Technical parameters
Maximum differential pressure: 2.5bar
Recommended replacement differential pressure: ≈0.8 to 1.5 bar
Maximum operating temperature
Polypropylene: < 90 °C

Recommended flow rate:

Application industry
Chemical / Painting / Decolorizer / Electrophoretic paint / Copper foil production / Syrup filtration / Food and beverage


  • -A wide range of plastic sealing rings are available for a variety of filters
    -High filtration efficiency over 90%, ensuring high precision filtration
    -All welding process ensures good sealing without side leakage
    -High dirt-holding performance, effective oil removal
    -No silicone additives to avoid chemical leaching

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